This specification is complementary to the subjects included in the technical specifications for construction works. In case of conflict with the technical specifications for construction works, the provisions of these specifications apply.


This technical specification covers the selection of materials to be used in the production of Plastic (PE) Manhole and Manhole Parts, descriptions of construction methods and geometry descriptions.


TS EN 13598-2: All Plastic (PE) Manholes and Manhole Parts must have a certificate of qualification to the valid TS EN 13598-2 standard.
TS EN ISO 9001:2008: Manufacturers must have a valid TS EN ISO 9001:2008 Quality Management System qualification certificate.
TS EN ISO 14001:2004: Manufacturers must have a valid TS EN ISO 14001:2004 Environmental Management System qualification certificate.


The raw material to be used;

  • Its density must be 0.935 g/cm3 or above.
  • Tensile strength must be 17 Megapascals (MPa) or above.
  • Final elongation should be 200% or above.
  • It must be resistant to corrosion.
  • The polyethylene and dyestuff used must be at least UV standard.
  • The raw materials and dyestuffs used must not contain lead or heavy metals that are harmful to the environment.

The sealing gasket material must comply with EN 681-1, EN 681-2, EN 681-3 or EN 681-4, as applicable.
The sealing gasket must not have any adverse effect on the properties of the parts and must not cause the system assembled for testing to fail to meet the performance requirements.

The inner diameter of the collar shaft should be used in classifying the nominal dimensions of inspection manholes or manholes.
All dimensions must be measured according to EN ISO 3126. In addition to the dimensional requirements defined below, chimneys and manholes must comply with the geometric properties specified in EN 476.
Socket and spigot diameters must be compatible with the pipes to be connected.


Chimney and manhole parts are subject to national safety regulations and/or local conditions regarding man access restrictions. It should be checked for compatibility before assembly. The frame, cover or grille to be used must comply with the relevant design in EN 124, unless otherwise specified.
Manhole steps and ladders must comply with either EN 13101:2002 or EN 14396, whichever is appropriate, taking into account national safety regulations.


DIN 16901-160-A/B Tolerances apply for all dimensions. Wall thickness tolerance value is 25%.
Plastic Manholes will be produced according to TS EN 13598-2 standard and will have a valid TSE certificate.
The Base Element will be provided with a self-outlet to connect various types of pipe connections (Corrugated/PE/HDPE/PVC). Ex. DN 1000 series, self-outlet base elements will be provided with self-outlet, suitable for pipe connections up to Ø400 diameter.


Floteks is happy to provide you with technical support from the project phase to the application area with its technical team.
Specification and unit price examples required for the use of PE-based manholes, inspection manholes and/or inspection chambers in your projects and tenders are given below.