Plastic manhole - plastic pipe is connected to completely prevent leakage COMPATIBILITY WITH PIPES Plastic pipes and a concrete manhole cannot be connected hermetically.
May be damaged by ground movements. FLEXIBILITY It is not affected by ground movements.
It weighs 5% of concrete manholes. WEIGHT Due to its weight, breakage and cracking may occur during transportation and assembly.
2 people can easily assemble it with light equipment. It is very suitable for use in difficult conditions and terrains. INSTALLATION
Requires heavy equipment.
Installation time is very short. The application area regains its former state in a short time. INSTALLATION TIME Installation time is long.
The average lifespan is thought to be 50 years. It does not require maintenance throughout its life. MAINTENANCE / REPAIR Its lifespan is short. It requires maintenance during its life.
Environmental Health and Global Warming Greenhouse gas emission is 2 kg/year CO2. ENVIRONMENTAL HEALTH AND GLOBAL WARMING Without taking into account the leakage, the greenhouse gas emission is 33 kg/year, and if it is included, it is 423 kg/year CO2.
Although it may seem expensive at first purchase, it provides a price advantage with its superior features in the long run. ECONOMIC VIEW It is cheap for the first purchase. However, costs increase due to difficulty in assembly, short lifespan and maintenance requirements.
Its resistance to water and chemicals is high. It protects the environment with its sealing feature. SEALING Over time, it becomes thinner and brittle due to the effects of groundwater and chemicals. It causes leaks due to the formation of cracks.
This problem is tried to be eliminated by covering the inner walls of concrete manholes abroad.
*It is estimated that 50% of concrete manholes begin to leak immediately after installation.