Floteks Quality in Plastic (PE) Manholes


Floteks Inc. It carries out its production within the framework of the most up-to-date norms and quality criteria. All tests of the products are carried out by Floteks A.Ş. It is carried out by qualified personnel with an advanced R&D and Quality Control System.

Floteks produces polyethylene inspection manholes (manholes) of various sizes, depths and shapes, which are used to connect, observe and maintain pipes or cables at regular intervals in infrastructure systems, at the most up-to-date standards.

Subterra brand infrastructure products produced by Floteks have a qualification certificate for TS EN 13598-2 standard, which is the valid standard for these products.

Infrastructure construction must be implemented and supervised by competent engineers assigned by the customer. Installation performed by qualified personnel in accordance with the instructions provided with Subterra products and the requirements of engineering science, whether written in these instructions or not, will ensure trouble-free use.