Floteks Group has established a very advanced plastics laboratory in order to provide the best service to its customers, to ensure that the product demonstrates the necessary quality and performance throughout its life cycle, and to ensure the correct quality/price ratio. Thanks to this laboratory, the company can keep the quality level under control at every stage of the process, from the entry of raw materials and semi-finished products to the packaging of the product.


The philosophy of Floteks’ R&D and innovation system, in which it researches the products and raw materials of the future, is that everyone working in the company will also be an R&D, P&D and/or innovation personnel. This system, which is supported financially and morally by the management, can be successful thanks to the collaboration of teams selected for certain issues from among the personnel who carry out their daily work in the company without interrupting their daily work.

It is difficult to understand quality problems in plastic products at first glance. For this reason, it is important for the manufacturer to know his subject, know customer needs, evaluate the long-term performance of the product sold under operating conditions, and produce in accordance with world standards. The biggest problem for the customer is that he does not know whether the manufacturer has this skill or not.


The only reason why Floteks A.Ş. has established and equipped such an advanced laboratory and quality control department is not to control and maximize the efficiency and quality of daily production. The most important duty of the existing laboratory and trained R&D and engineering department personnel is to carry out R&D and innovation and development of raw materials and products in their field, thus ensuring that the company is ahead of its competitors in the future and shaping the future of the company.


More than 30 people work in the Floteks Group’s R&D, QC laboratory and design and engineering departments. Thanks to these personnel and laboratory facilities, Floteks Group has successfully completed 5 Tübitak, 3 Kosgeb, 2 TTGV projects in the last 10 years. These completed projects have resulted in the company maintaining its position of being followed and imitated by its competitors in terms of automotive, infrastructure services, underground warehouses and manholes and many other plastic products for more than 30 years.

Floteks Group also cooperates with many universities in its projects: METU, Tekirdağ University, Sabancı University, Marmara University and Uludağ University are among the educational institutions that Floteks A.Ş. has worked with and continues to work with in its projects in the last 10 years. Floteks has been taking part in the European Union F7 and H2020 projects for 2 years and is carrying out new projects. Floteks is the coordinator of the project called “Safe H Power”, which is the most advanced F7 project among the projects he has been involved in.

Floteks Inc. It can carry out all these studies with the support of various valuable laboratory equipment in its R&D and QC laboratories, and it carries out tests that cannot be done within its own structure by using the facilities of the universities and research institutions with which it cooperates.

  • Drop Tester
  • UV Aging Device
  • DSC Device
  • Tensile Testing Machine
  • DSC Device
  • CRM Precision Dimension Measuring Device
  • Density Device
  • Vibrating Sieve Testing Machine
  • Ultrasonic Thickness Measuring Device
  • Sample Cutting Device
  • Polarization Microscope
  • Complete Fuel Tank Regulation Testing Equipment
  • Impact Tester
  • Precision Oven
  • Color Measuring Device
  • Ash Furnace
  • Climatic Cabin
  • Ring Stiffness Tester
  • Vacuum Tester
  • Tightness Test Pools
  • Fluency Index Device