Floteks A.Ş., which started plastic production in 1982, is Turkey’s first to produce polyethylene products with rotational molding. It is the only organization in Turkey that can compete with similar companies in the world with its technology and R&D capacity. Floteks, which has developed numerous products for the automotive sub-industry, transportation systems and infrastructure sectors, also manufactures underground and above-ground food and water tanks made of polyethylene in the range of 5,000 to 25,000 liters, as well as rainwater storage systems, septic tanks, purification systems and oil separators. Floteks, which has been producing for the automotive industry for 25 years, has world-class quality control laboratory and is an official R&D center in Turkey.


Founded in 1982, Floteks continues its production in many sectors today.



ii. It is an organization that operates as a Tier-1 plastic part manufacturer in the automotive industry and has ISO-TS 16949:2002 and ISO-TS 22241-1 standards. With more than a quarter of a century of experience in the automotive industry, Floteks serves large companies in the automotive industry by producing fuel tanks, ad-blue tanks, expansion tanks, clean and waste water tanks, protective parts, air pipes, fenders and other plastic parts.

The needs of OEMs such as new vehicle design, development, revision and new product commissioning are implemented with transparent project management.

With its professional technical infrastructure, Milk-Run, JIT, Kanban, Kaizen, Co-Design etc. can support its customers with its applications.

viii. It has the authority and ability to carry out the regulation tests required for plastic fuel tanks and other safety parts (vehicle type approval) in the Floteks laboratory under the supervision of TSE and TÜV.



It produces a wide range of products including polyethylene calf hutches, waterers, feeders, disinfectants, fence systems, feeding bottles, milk buckets, licking stones and haying apparatus and serves the livestock industry.



Floplast is a company established in Bursa that produces hygienic pallets and folding containers, especially for the food industry, with rotation technology. One of its products is a South African Alpal licensed product, and Floteks has purchased the production and sales rights of this product in Turkey.



Thanks to its vertical integration in plastics, engineering skills and design office, Floteks also has the ability to quickly and economically design, produce molds and manufacture special products for its customers.



Floteks has been developing underground plastic products since 2008. These products include various manholes, observation chambers, underground garbage stations, underground water and septic tanks and pumping stations.